Earthwarm Save The EARTH



Severals nights ago, I sat in front of the screen, look at the moving picture of one program T.V. in Thailand,

The useful program called as, “Kob -Nork-ka-la”, means the frog outside the coconut shell : In the ancient Thai proverb, about the people who be not wide in knowledge or information as same as the frog that live in the cover of the cocout shell ; so the outline of the programe is trying to look for the fact or the present information behind the thing in everyday living; as same as the frog living outside the cover.

That nigth was turn of the earthwarm, and I had to watch the mucilage lengthy of milion earthwarms which laid on many hands which raised for the camera CU., and that seem to be the nightmare for anyone who is snake phobia : The moving little snakes around the scene, look like they come from the other planet to destroy our earth.

One hour past, the little snake Called “Earthwarm” , seem to be lovely more and more; when the program show that how useful thing the earthwarm give to our earth, not just to loosen the soil for our trees but they are the important factor of garbage disintegration, also : Human around the world cause millions tons of garbage per hours, opposite to the ability of them to disintegrate it, and not just the garbage in concreat object, but they do a lot of garbage in abstract, too ; by they desires, greedy act and envy. Yes!, after the programe finished, I feel something inner myself ; compare with the lovely earthwarm, all human around the world [including me] seem to be the criminal of the galaxy, and all eathwarms are angel to protect the earth.

Time pass day by day, very fast, and never stop : From a girl who know nothing till today I am nearly to be an old woman, which kind of goodness that I used to give to the world, a lot of things waiting for the accomplishment and a lot of things waiting for the begining.

Earthwarm have no head, they can not think like human but living everyday with their real useful doing, even though they just do it by their instinct, but anyway earthwarm never build a lot of earth problems like human has done, especially, to cause the world war and global warming.

I love earthwarm!

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“The Painter Of The Wind”

I am now fan of one korean movie in T.V. Program : Called in Thai name as “ยอดหญิงซินยุนบก” , in English is “The Painter Of The Wind” and in Korean is “바람의 화원”. The movie is the story of painters and the art situation in the ancient Korea : “Cin-Yoon-Bok”, she is a painter, woman who disguise to be a man,  by an idea of her stepfather, who is ambitious to bring his lineage to be the great royal painter family of the time.
The attractive of the movie are about its professional script  and acting of the leading actors :  To show thoughts in the east style painting and how difficulty to be different and individaul when they are working in the royal art center. When I’m waching this movie, some thoughts always happen in my head : The truth always be truth  in any time : For the ancient  Korean to the modern of Thails, especially in art,  it’s the same, and never changed.

Some information on internet tell about this movie

as the true story of the ancient painters in the ancient time of Korea :

 The couple  great painters and the mysterious story behind them.